Mehdi Kiani

Senior Full Stack Developer

  • 16+ years experience in object-oriented analysis and design, requirements analysis and modeling, data modeling, database design, back end and front end developer.
  • Experienced back end developer in .Net framework using c-sharp language, web from, mvc, core mvc, .net standard, razor pages, razor class libraries, web api programming, and other relative technologies.
  • Experienced front end developer using html, html5, css, jQuery, bootstrap and other relative frameworks.
  • Member of Planning Council of ministry of education and technical book editor.
  • Held positions with management responsibility in ICT office in Isfahan education department, including training, for up to 100 employees engaged in computer and related activities.
  • Excellent communication and teaching, training skills. Articulate with professional and educated manner. Sensitive to needs of organization and individuals which enables me as instructor, consultant, team builder, or team member to work with diverse groups.
  • Experienced in bridging communication gap between technical projects and organizational management.
  • Provided training to internal staff in application of new technologies
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.


Back End

  • C# Language as main programming language.
  • Desktop applications using:
    • Windows form application
    • Windows presentation foundation(WPF).
    • DLL programming.
  • Web applications using:
    • core mvc.
    • mvc.
    • web form.
  • Language integrated query(LINQ).
  • Entity framework and entity framework core.
  • Web api programming.
  • Signalr.
  • .Net standard.
  • Razor class library.
  • SQL server.
  • SQL server assembly programming.

Front End

  • Html, Html5.
  • CSS.
  • JS.
  • JQuery.
  • JQuery UI.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Xamarin.
  • Other relative frameworks.



Senior Software developer, head of ICT, teacher and trainer.

Isfahan Education Department

Education office under ministry of education

Role: Requirements analysis and developing desktop and web application to addressing the requirements. Improving exists apps. Giving advice to other departments. teaching and training other employment engaged in computer applications.


Senior software developer, team leader and Consultant.

Nahib Javan

Software Company

Role:Managing and leading other developers. Analyzing and modeling database and back end codes. Teaching and training new technologies to other developers.


IT Manager, developer and system supporter

Omran Abshar Espadana

building Company

Supporting software and hardware systems. Giving advice to other departments and analyzing company requirements. Replacing old access software by recreating windows form application from scratch which held financial and other data of more than 10,000 people. Developing some light software such as salary system and converter.



Developer, Consultant, Programming Trainer

Role:As a freelancer i worked as a developer, consultant and programming trainer.


As Author

1) Introduction to Microsoft Asp.Net Mvc 5.
The book designed in six chapter to help you get up to speed on mvc 5 technology. The book is good for developers who wants to migrate from web form application to mvc programming.
Type: EBook
Number of pages: 194
Language: Persian
Download link: Introduction to MVC5
2) Introduction to Microsoft Entity Framework Code First.
The book designed in four chapter to help you get up to speed on entity framework code first. The book is good for developers who wants to migrate from programming to entity framework code first.
Type: EBook
Number of pages: 127
Language: Persian

As Technical Editor

1) Programming and Database Development(Student Version).
Ministry of education, Official student book for high school.
Type: Paper, Ebook
Number of pages: 260
Language: Persian
Download link: Student Book
2) Programming and Database Development(Teacher version).
Ministry of education, Official teacher book for high school.
Type: Paper, Ebook
Number of pages: 270
Language: Persian
Download link: Teacher Book

Teaching Experience

Class Course

  • Advance Web programming with C# and Core mvc.
  • Advanced Web programming with C#, ASP.Net and visual
  • Advanced windows forms application programming with C# and visual
  • Introduction to Web Programming with C#, ASP.Net and visual
  • Introduction to windows forms application programming with C# and visual
  • Understanding algorithms and flowcharts.

Video Course

  • core programming with C# from novice to professional
    • Complete reference on C# programming and core developing.
    • More than 1500 minutes video training.
    • Contains all source codes and samples.
    • Language: Persian
    • More details: Click To View More Details



M.S (Master of Business Administration)

Isfahan University, IR


Proposal : Discrete Event Based Simulation of the Effects of the Block Chain Technology on Supply Chain Performance: A Case of Isfahan Education Department.


B.S (Computer Engineering )

Najaf Abad University


Proposal : Analyzing the Effects of the Design Patterns on Developing Software: A Case of Reservation System.

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